The refresher course is specially designed to cater to individuals who have successfully obtain their driving licence but hope to improve on their driving skills. This course aims to increase the confidence of drivers and instill a safety driving concept into drivers.

Enrollment Document

– NRIC or Passport

– Class 3/3A Qualified Driving Licence

Enrollment Fee

$ 90 for a one-time enrollment fee

Minimum 3 lessons

Lesson Fee

$50 per hour for Manual and Automatic Refresher 

Please note that all new sign-ups for the Refresher Course are to take on a minimum of 3 lessons as detailed below:

3 lesson package for Manual and Automatic Refresher – $315

First lesson: 1.5 hours

Second lesson: 1.5 hours

Third lesson: 1.5 hours

After this package ends,you can arrange with the instructor directly if you require more lessons.


Please note:

– An ex-student member of iDrive can request for his/her original instructor if he/she still has the full name of the instructor.

– Fetch and send service* is subjected to availability. There may be an extra charge for this service, depending on the area of concern.  Please call iDrive to check if it is available at your area of concern.

*Fetch and send service refers to fetching the student from home or nearest MRT station for lessons and sending the student back home or nearest MRT station after lessons.

Course Curriculum

– Pre-drive checks

– Circuit Courses

– Vertical and Parallel Parking

– Familiarization Driving

– On road Driving

– Expressway Driving

Detailed Course Outline

1st lesson

Recall precautionary measures: simple routine check: seat, mirrors, seat belt, blind spot area

Correct and safety procedure when starting and stopping the engine

Clutch and accelerator co-ordination practice

Understanding of biting point (half-clutch position)

Foot co-ordination for starting and stopping

On expressway:

Change lane Drive at an increased speed of 90-100km/hr

Familarise with what to look out for on expressways

Understand the various signs on signboards on expressways and the way to react to the different signs

On roads:

Familiarise with driving on small roads.

Driving at speed of 70km/hr or more.

Able to change lane safely according to traffic condition

2nd lesson

Make U-turns

Recall the various signs on small roads and big roads

Housing estates:

Parking in housing estate carparks

Vertical Parking Head in Head out

Parallel parking

3rd lesson

Multistorey carpark:

Tan Tock Seng carpark (extremely narrow)

How to manipulate your car in narrow multistory carparks

Certain theoretical aspects in turning, changing direction in carparks: eg: What is Apex?

Vertical parking

How to position your car to facilitate cash card insertion

Negotiating bands, sharp bands, gradual bands

Driving on small roads and expressways, eg: CTE

4th lesson

Directional Change Parking:

Vertical Parking between two cars

Parallel Parking between two cars

Parking from any angle Certain theoretical aspects in parking

Safety Measures in Parking Familiarising with difficult roads with heavy traffic and with large vehicles (eg: Ubi)

5th lesson

Driving on Slopes (Upslope and downslope)

Points to note when going upslope/downslope

Correct gear to be engaged

How to move off from slopes

Familiarising with night traffic

6th lesson

Familiarising with rainy day traffic

What to look out for and how to react to situations that arise

Driving around areas which student often travels to, or where student lives in

To familiarize with the road structures there

7th, 8th and 9th lesson

Individual based

Please note that the lesson schedules are subjected to change, according to road and weather conditions. The lesson contents can be changed upon students’ request, to ensure that the contents taught will suit our students’ driving needs.