About iDrive

1. What is iDrive Driving Centre current passing rate?

Our current passing rate is 62.1%.

2. What is the difference between iDrive Driving Centre and other driving schools out there?

Look at The iDrive Difference.

3. Are your instructors very old? Will I have a problem communicating with them?

Our instructors are between 40-65 years old, with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Most of our instructors are effectively bilingual. Our students will usually convey their requirements, including the languages preferred in teaching, to our staff and we will ensure that the most appropriate and suitable instructors will be assigned to our students. In the event which students find difficulty in learning effectively from our instructors, or have any communication problems with them, we will gladly listen and assist in the problems. If required, we will even offer a change of instructor for free (please look at THE IDRIVE DIFFERENCE, Our Assurance).

4. How many lessons do I need to take to be ready for my practical tests?

iDrive does not fix the number of lessons to be taken by our students. Instead, our instructors will access the students in every lesson. If they feel that the students are ready for practical tests, students will be informed and sent for tests. We will usually recommend our Class 3 students to take on 25-30 hours of lessons. As for 3A students, 20-25 hours of lessons should suffice. This number of hours will generally allow our instructors to cover the syllabus required for practical test.

5. Do you provide theory lessons?

Currently, we do not provide theory lessons. However, we can help to check on the availability of theory lessons with our current instructors. Instead of theory lessons, we have recently implemented a comprehensive E-Learning Service, exclusive for our students. We have hundreds of basic and advanced theory test questions for our students to try out and prepare for the actual theory test. There is also a mock quiz to challenge our students.

6. I need an early test date. Is that possible?

Test dates are booked by students and the waiting time is about 3-5 months. Early test date is only possible if our students have given up their test slots, and we insert the urgent cases into these slots. Though the occurance rate of such cases is rather low, you can inform our staff if you would require an early test date and to provide us with the reason for this request. We will try our very best to assign the earliest test date to you. Please inform our staff of the days which you will not be available for the practical test in advance. Once an early test date is booked, we are not obliged to change the date, to avoid any cases of abuse.

7. On average, how much will I be spending for my driving lessons? (up till my first practical tests?)

It depends. A first time pass will usually cost about $1200-$1500 (Class 3: 25-30 hours; Class 3A: 20-25 hours). Other than the learning hours and cost, students have to factor in the circuit booking fees as well as the rental charge of vehicle ($120 for Manual Transmission Vehicles & $130 for Auto Transmission Vehicles) on the test day.

8. Why the $69 enrolment fee?

Enrolling with iDrive entitles you to ourStudent Learning Record. We also provide our students with assurance that our instructor suits your learning needs. At any point of time, if you feel that our instructor does not suit your learning needs, just come back to us and we will change another for you for free. Losses incurred will be absorbed by us.

9. What exactly is the assurance offer and why does iDrive Driving Centre implement the assurance offer?

The assurance offer refers to the assurance that we are providing our students with when they join our driving centre in terms of the quality of our driving instructors. We have been getting feedback from our students that they have heard/encountered problems with their previous instructors. Since they have already paid an enrolment fee or have attended many lessons with them, they will choose to stay on, even though they are unsatisfied with the instructor. With this, iDrive decided that we will offer our students the assurance that they will be offered a change of instructor if they are, at any point of time, unsatisfied with our instructor. We hope that with this assurance, people will feel safer when they join us as students.

10. Why is refresher course more expensive than learner (Class 3/3A) course?

This is applicable in all schools. Almost all private driving instructors charge their students a flat rate of $100 or more for each rental of their cars for TP test. Furthermore, students learn many more lessons as new students going for TP test compared to refresher students. As refresher students do not have to go for tests, and learn fewer number of lessons compared to new students, and thus they tend to charge more for refresher students.

11. What is remedial course?

Remedial course applies to students from SSDC, BBDC, and CDC who wish to have extra lessons from private driving instructors. Private driving instructors generally charge more for these students. It is because students from these schools are going to take test under the school and tend to take only limited number of lessons. As private driving instructors charge their students a flat rate of $100 for each rental of their cars for TP test, PDIs teaching these students cannot collect this $100. Furthermore, due to the fewer number of lessons, PDIs tend to earn a lesser amount from these students, thus generally charging more. This higher charge is applicable to across generally all private instructors.

12. What is fetch and send service?

Fetch and send service refers to fetching the student from home or nearest MRT station for lessons and sending the student back home or nearest MRT station after lessons. This service is subjected to availability and there will an additional $5-$20 per hour will be charged if fetch and send service is required. Our instructors are attached to the driving schools: CDC, BBDC, or SSDC respectively, as driving routes and circuits are found there.  At times, we do not accept requests for fetch and send services, as the area of concern is too far from the driving school, eg: requesting fetch and send service to Queensway or Suntec City from a CDC instructor. Nonetheless, please call us to check if fetch and send service is available at your area of concern.