1. If I have a Class 3A license, how should I go about getting a Class 3 license?

You have to pass a practical test which involves MTV. The booking of the practical test costs $26.

2. Are the theory tests for Class 3 and Class 3A different?

No. They are the same. You are required to pass both the theory tests before you can book your practical tests in either cases.

3. Can I drive an Automated Transmission Vehicle with a Class 3 license?

Yes. You can drive both Automated Transmission Vehicle (ATV) and Manual Transmission Vehicle (MTV) with a Class 3 license.

4. Can I drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle (MTV) with a Class 3A license?

No. If you wish to drive a MTV, you will have to pass a practical test involving MTV. The practical test fee is $26.

5. Can I convert my foreign ATV license to Class 3A license?

You can do that from 1st September 2004 onwards. In order for the conversion, you will have to pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT) and present the relevant documents for procession. You do not have to take the practical test again. However, foreign license holders are required to meet certain Traffic Police stipulated requirements before they can be issued with new licenses.

6. With a Class 3A license, can I apply for vocational license required for jobs like taxi driving?

No. You will have to follow closely to the rules stated by Land Authority of Transport (LTA) when applying for vocational licenses. They require you to possess a Class 3 license.

7. What is the advantage of having a Class 3A license?

It is beneficial to one who is sure that he/she will only be driving an automated vehicle in the future. More time will be spent on teaching him/her the various techniques unique to an ATV. Based on iDrive instructors’ feedback, students usually take lesser lesson hours to master the Automated Transmission Vehicle. However, this does not mean that it is easier to pass the Class 3A practical test. In fact, based on iDrive statistics, the percentage of first-time passer for Class 3 is higher than that of Class 3A.

8. With a Class 3A license, can I drive vehicles that are using clutchless manual transmitted vehicles such as Opel’s Easytronic and Alfa Romeo’s Selespeed?

Yes. You can drive a vehicle deemed to be an ATV, as long as you do not need to physically operate a clutch pedal.

9. Are there other countries that implemented this system?

Yes. Countries like US, UK, Sweden, France and Australia have implemented this system.

10. Do I need to get a new Provisional Driving License (PDL) when I sit for my Class 3 practical test?

It depends. Class 3 PDL covers both Class 3 and Class 3A vehicles under the law and is valid for 6 months at one go. You can continue to use the PDL if it has not expired at the time you are taking the Class 3 practical test. Otherwise, you will have to apply or renew your PDL at any of the driving schools.

11. If I had earlier booked for a date for MTV practical test, can i swap the MTV practical test date for an ATV test?

No. Currently this is not possible.

12. If I am undergoing MTV training currently, can I switch to ATV training?

You are encouraged to continue with your current training lessons. However, you can check with your driving instructor if it is appropriate for you to switch to ATV training. Some of the instructors are unable to teach in an ATV. You can always come back to iDrive and request for an instructor that is able to teach ATV.

13. Can current Class 3 license holders take an ATV training lessons if they wish to?

Under iDrive, current Class 3 license holders can go for ATV refresher courses. Those that are taking Class 3 practical lessons (without Class 3 license yet) can choose to go for our supplementary lessons, where they can drive an ATV under the guidance of our instructors. This supplementary lesson is optional and is aimed at allowing our students to familiarize with an ATV.

14. Can i sit for a Class 3A practical test even if I already have a Class 3 license?

There is no need for you to take the test. You should instead opt for an ATV refresher course which is available at iDrive. Please refer to COURSES OVERVIEW for more information.

15. If I pass my Class 3 practical test recently, but have a Class 3A license for a year or more, am I under probation?

Yes, you are under probation. This means that your Class 3 license may be revoked if you obtained 13 or more demerit points during the year of probation.

16. If I pass my Class 3 practical test within one year from the date I got my Class 3A license, do I need to display a probationary plate?

Yes. You will need to display the probationary plate as long as you are still under Class 3A’s probation period. When your Class 3A’s probation period is over, you need not display the P-Plate. However, you will still be subjected to the 13-demerit point under your new Class 3’s probation period.

17. What are the offences and penalties for driving a MTV with a Class 3A license?

The offender will be charged for driving without a valid driving license and may be fined up to $1,000 or jailed up to 3 months for the first conviction. He will also be charged for driving without valid insurance coverage and can be fined up to $1,000 or jailed up to 3 months, or both. He will also be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months.

18. If I get 13 or more demerit points while under probation and I have both Class 3 and Class 3A licenses, which license would be revoked?

Only the license that is still under probation will be revoked. Therefore, if only your Class 3 license is under probation while your Class 3A has passed its probation period, only your Class 3 license will be revoked. If both your Class 3A and Class 3 licenses are under probation, both will be revoked at the same time.

19. Can I book Class 3 and Class 3A practical tests concurrently at the same driving centre but for different dates?

Students are not allowed to book for two tests at one go regardless of whether it is done in the same driving centre or not. Furthermore, this is not advisable as you will deny other candidates the chance to have earlier tests.