iDrive Enrollment

 1. What are the minimum requirements for enrollment?

– At least 18 years old upon enrollment

– Physically and mentally fit

– Passed eye-sight and colour blindness tests

– Have not accumulated more than 12 demerits points under the Driver Improvement Point System (DIPS)

2. What are the modes of payment that iDrive accept?

– Paypal (Credit cards/Debit cards)

– Bank / ATM Transfer

– Cheque (Must be crossed and made payable to iDrive Pte. Ltd.)

3. I don’t feel safe about paying online. Can I meet up with you or visit your office?

When paying online, our system will automatically generate an online receipt and send it to your email address, upon successful transfer of the payment. This will be an official receipt with your details in it and can be used as a verification of payment. With this, students can feel safe about paying online. Our operations are online-based, thus we greatly encourage payment online or via ATM transfer.

However, in the event of great insecurity or inability to do a bank/ATM transfer, you can write us a cheque. For urgent registrations, you can state our corporate account number at the back of a crossed cheque and drop it into a DBS/POSB quick cheque deposit. We will usually take about 2-3 days to receive the amount and a manual receipt will be sent via mail to you. Otherwise, we can arrange to meet up. A manual receipt will be provided when payment is received.

4. Why do I have to pay for the $69 enrollment fee and what do I get in return?

Enrolling with iDrive entitles you to our Student Learning Record Book.

We also provide our students with assurance that our instructor suits your learning needs. At any point of time, if you feel that our instructor does not suit your learning needs, just come back to us and we will change another for you for free. Losses incurred will be absorbed by us.

5. Special Requests?

Please indicate your special requests if any (e.g. fetch and send required, strictly english speaking only, etc). Based on the availability of our instructors, we will advise accordingly.