Practical Test

1. Can I book my theory and practical tests at the same time?

No. You have to pass your Basic Theory, followed by the Final Theory Test. Upon passing both, you can then move on to book your practical test.

2. Is there a limit to the number of times that I can take Class 3 / Class 3A driving test?

No. There is no limit. The official testers will judge you based on your performance on the actual practical test. Once your official tester is satisfied with your driving skills, you will be awarded your driving license. This is regardless of the number of times you took the test.

3. What do I have to bring along during my practical test?

You have to bring along your identity card / passport, test fee receipts as well as car insurance certificate. For iDrive students, the test fee receipt together with the car insurance certificate will be kept by the instructors on your behalf.

4. Can I use my own private vehicle for the Class 3 practical test?

No. Cars used for instructional and testing purposes have to be insured for training and testing. They must also be approved by LTA.