PayPal Payment Read First

Dear Customer,

Please ensure that you have received a confirmation from iDrive staff on the availability of driving lessons suiting your requirements before you click on PayPal for payment.

We are glad to have received your online registration form.

Thank you for choosing iDrive Learning Centre.

We will do our best to ensure that the instructor assigned to you will be to your satisfaction and you will soon master all the essential driving techniques required for your practical test.


iDrive Driving Centre Courses – Enrollment Fee (incl. 1st lesson deposit)

You will be making a payment of S$99 ($30 –deposit for first lesson, $69 for enrollment fee).

$30 deposit—This deposit is part of the payment for the first lesson. If your first lesson charge is $64, you would only be required to pay the remaining $34 to the instructor.


*Special – iDrive Driving Centre Refresher/Remedial (Auto/Manual) Package

You will be making a payment of S$315. This package price consists of 3 lessons of $75 (1.5 hours- $50/hour), and an enrollment fee of $90.

Feel free to contact our staff at 6458 4229 or email us at  if you require more information regarding your driving lessons.

While making payment with PayPal, indicate your initials and keep all the documents as proof of transfer.

Please email at  to inform us of the payment made. We will process your application form once the payment is received. Allow 24 hours for our staff to get back to you.