Our Driving Instructors

“The safe drivers of tomorrow are the well taught learners of today”


All iDrive driving instructors share a common aim – to provide the highest standards of driving lessons at the lowest overall cost. Only those instructors who are prepared to meet our stringent customer care and teaching standards will become iDrive driving instructors. Whether you are choosing driving tuition for yourself or your friends, we believe that it is important to make the right choice. By taking a driving course with iDrive driving instructor you can be assured of getting the best possible start on the road to safe driving.


So how do we ensure the quality of our instructors?

1. Selection

Our instructors are selected by our chief advisors from Singapore Driving Instructors Association (SDIA). These instructors must have good past teaching records. All, as a minimum, are licensed by Singapore Traffic Police to give driving tuition. They must have at least 15 years of teaching experience, and have a consistent desire, ability and ATTITUDE to be an effective driving instructor.

In the midst of selection, qualities like ability to read, write and speak English at a level necessary to perform the job of an instructor, able to communicate well with students and colleagues, and possess a broad range of knowledge regarding vehicles are considered too.

2. Monitoring

All iDrive instructors have to sign a one year membership with iDrive. A list of terms and conditions will be stated within the membership application form, to ensure that the instructors understand our requirements and acknowledged that they will keep to them. Any failure to comply with them, any fraud or abuse or misrepresentation of information furnished to us by the instructors will result in the termination of their membership with us.

Within the year, iDrive will also constantly monitor our iinstructors’ performance.

a. Upon informed that an instructor has a driving record with a chargeable accident, their contract will be terminated.

b. Students are encouraged to email/call us to tell us about their instructors. We have a POINT GRADING SYSTEM for each instructor. Instructors who constantly obtain compliments will have their membership automatically renewed. Those who are frequently complained against will have their membership terminated.

Our POINT GRADING SYSTEM for every instructor is based on the following:

-Technical Knowledge on
i.   The terms of components found within vehicle
ii.  The circuit and test routes
iii. Requirements of the practical test

– Instructor Attitude
i.   Friendliness/Politeness
ii.  Patience
iii. Punctuality

– Communication Skills
i.   Language
ii.  Ability to explain the terms of components found within vehicle
iii. Ability to instruct

– Ease of
i.   Contact
ii.  Booking of lessons

With these measures in hand, iDrive is confident that we delegate only top-notch driving instructors to our students. Only with this confidence, iDrive will be all ready to provide the assurance deal – a change of instructor if students are unsatisfied with our instructors, FREE OF CHARGE.

We also sincerely hope that all our existing students will constantly give us feedback on our instructors, as well as give us suggestions on how to further improve the quality of our instructors. We will love to give the best instructors together with the best learning experience to all our valuable students.

For private driving instructors who are interested in joining iDrive, please email us at admin@idrive.com.sg. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call us at 64584229.  We will get in touch with you.