The iDrive Difference

Why Choose iDrive?


Many ask us what’s unique about iDrive.

Here, we pride ourselves for being different.

– Different from the 3 driving schools in Singapore

– Different from other private driving schools

– Different from any private instructors you were recommended or simply picked from the streets

This is the iDrive Difference:

Below are the reasons why iDrive should be your choice:

1. Our Assurance

iDrive assures you will obtain an instructor which suits your learning needs and styles. In the situation whereby you are unsatisfied with the instructor allocated, iDrive guarantees you a replacement at no additional cost.

2. Our Flexibility

We have allocated meeting points for students of each driving area (CDC, BBDC, and SSDC) that are more convenient for the students, eg: MRT Stations. Our instructors can also arrange meeting points which is convenient for you, hoping to minimize your traveling time and transportation costs. This fetch and send service, however, is subjected to availability and may come with an extra charge.

3. Our Affordable enrolment fees and rates

We aim to provide our students with affordable rates. Enrolment fee: $69 Practical lessons: $32/hr (manual) $34/hr (auto) (linked to iCourses) This guarantees you that every dollar from you is stretched to its fullest.

4. Our Promise of Convenience to you

We are always here for you. You can get us via a phone call, or log onto our website to register. Booking of driving lessons and changing of lesson timings can be done immediately via a call to our instructors.

5. Our Customer Service

Good customer service is our promise to all our students and friends. You can enjoy our friendly and amiable customer service, as we commit ourselves to provide an enriching and unique learning experience that is specially tailored to suit you needs. We value our members as friends and we entertain strive to entertain your enquiries and requests to utmost of our ability.

6. Our Experienced Instructors

iDrive is the only company in Singapore to collaborate with Singapore Driving Instructor’s Association. Together, iDrive recruited a team of handpicked Private Driving Instructors. All our instructors have more than 20 years of experience in the teaching trade and received high recommendations from SDIA herself. iDrive strongly believes that experience is the key factor in imparting knowledge, especially in driving instructional teaching. iDrive guarantees you that your very own instructor knows the ropes to safe an competent driving on the road, and certainly has lots of passing tips to impart.

7. Mock Exam (Optional)

Few people realize the pressure of a foreign person sitting beside you and watching you drive. This pressure is amplified on your test day itself! iDrive recognizes this factor as the downfall of many students, especially the first timers, in their TP tests. With this, iDrive is introducing a new supplementary learning to increase your chance of passing. Based on your own discretion, you judge yourself whether you need to sit in for the mock exam to get a second opinion on your driving skills. This one-hour lesson comprises of a 0.5 hour mock exam and 0.5 hour tips session. The above exclusive programme is specially designed for our members only.

8. Our One Instructor – One Car System

We strongly believe in the importance of building a rapport and strong bond with your own instructor, to achieve an enriching and fun learning experience as they really have a lot to share. iDrive also recognizes the presence of subtle differences of different cars, thus having this system minimizes time spent on familiarizing yourself with your allocated car in your course of learning, especially on the date of your exam.